The 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Catholic

Fact-filled, easy-to-understand, and visually appealing, this book provides essential information to enable you to effectively witness biblical truths to people led astray by some of the erroneous teachings of the Catholic Church. This book:

  • identifies the 10 most critical problems with Catholic beliefs
  • examines the exact nature of each doctrinal error
  • contrasts Catholic teachings with the truth found in God's Word
  • reviews basic principles of Bible interpretation that ensure accurate understanding
  • explains the correct meaning of Bible verses Catholics cite out of context.


  1. The Apocryphal Books Are Helpful Historically, But They Do Not Belong in the Bible
  2. The Bible Alone is Authoritative, Not Tradition
  3. Peter Was a Great Apostle, But He Was Not the First Pope
  4. The Pope, the Bishops, and the Magisterium Are Fallible
  5. Mary Was the Mother of Jesus, Nothing More
  6. Justification Is Instantaneous, Once-for-All, and Entirely by Grace
  7. The Sacrament of the Mass Does Not Appease God
  8. The Sacarament of Penance Does Not Absolve Sins
  9. There Is No Purgatory, Nor Is It Needed
  10. Jesus has Changed My Life Forever

Claiming that its tradition and its interpretation of the Scriptures are supreme over the Bible itself, the Roman Catholic Church departs from historical Christianity. In this brief yet thorough discussion of the Church's teachings, you'll discover tools you need to effectively talk to Catholics about their faith and guide them to the good news of God's free grace through Jesus Christ. Concise, detailed information will help you understand the Catholic view of the Bible, the role of Mary and the Church hierarchy, justification by works, and more.


With recent scandals shaking Roman Catholicism to the core, many adherents are confused and angry and are seeking the truth. What an unprecedented opportunity this sad situation affords Bible-believing Christians in leading our Catholic neighbors, relatives, and friends out of works-oriented bondage and tradition and to the risen Christ and salvation through faith in Him alone. Thus this book is particularly relevant at this time.

To help readers understand what the religion teaches, Rhodes has listed ten critical issues that serve as pivots to lead Catholics to Christ and away from false teaching. Helpful symbols are used throughout the book to show readers the Roman Catholic position on a particular doctrine, the Biblical position on a particular doctrine, witnessing tips, areas to proceed with caution, and closer looks at important words, verses, or historical insights.

The doctrinal issues discussed in the various chapters are the ‘apocryphal books’ found in Catholic Bibles (they are erroneous writings not found in other Bibles), the authority of Scripture as opposed to tradition, the teaching that the apostle Peter was the first pope, the infallibility of the pope (the idea that when he speaks, his words come from God and that, therefore, he is without error), the veneration of Mary the mother of Jesus, justification, the sacrament of the mass, penance, and purgatory.

The final chapter challenges believers on one of the most important things we can say to a Catholic—an account of what the Lord Jesus has done in our lives—urging us to also leave a very clear picture with our Catholic friends of just how they can become Christians. Let’s not fail during this time of need on the part of our Catholic friends.

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Ron Rhodes 2013